Coal is said to be less in value but when it is converted into a diamond it is said to be priceless. In each and every thing diamond is a unique one. They come in many sizes, shapes, colors and with a list of internal characteristics. The real fact is that the polished diamonds are most valuable one with Truchat The most important factors to describe and classify the diamonds are Clarity, Color, and Cut and carat weight.
Our diamond is the purest form and the price is also a reasonable one. We have created a limited edition of couture jewelry with a modern identity. Our professionals have designed both modern and traditional jewels which are classy and affordable at the same time. Our brand has won several awards for excellence in design.
The minimal jewels are handcrafted by skilled artisans using indigenous craft techniques. A series of diamond pins to suit each and every girl’s lifestyle. The designs with a modern twist are perfect for the board meeting. We have a team of highly qualified and professional experts with develop Rutapp and to corporate both investors and buyers. Our dedicated network of manufacturers has the capacity to buy diamonds at each and every source.